Warsaw University of Technology and SENER together will educate personnel for the Polish space sector Dzienn

Warsaw University of Technology and SENER will together educate cadres for the Polish space sector

Warsaw University of Technology and SENER have signed a cooperation agreement to build cadres for the Polish space sector. The agreement signed on January 16, 2019 is part of the implementation of the Polish space strategy. It assumes, among other things, raising the competence of space sector specialists and joint scientific and research work.

The assumptions of the agreement between the Warsaw University of Technology and SENER include consulting programow classes and studiesow so as to best prepare them for employment in the space sector. Both sides will roalso wspolnie conduct scientific and research activities. In addition, the agreement covers the implementation of Phoin implementation. In this model, the company hires a talented scientist whoory undertakes to solve a technological problem that is rot the same time the subject of his doctoral dissertation.

The agreement was signed by Warsaw University of Technology rector Prof. dr hab. Eng. Jan Szmidt, dean of the Faculty of Power Engineering and Aeronautics of the Warsaw University of Technology prof. Ph. Eng. Janusz Frączek, director of. programoin space and military SENER Diego Rodriguez and SENER Poland general director Sergio Reguero.

– Warsaw University of Technology has a wealth of experience within the space theme, as evidenced by numerous implementations and successes, zarowno our scientistsoin, as well as studentow, whichoers send student satellites into space. The university’s environment is conducive to developing interests and deepening knowledge, whichora in wspohe cooperation with business partners gains the opportunity for further implementations,” stresses Prof. Ph. Eng. Jan Szmidt, rector of the Warsaw University of Technology.

– SENER Group has more than 50 years of experience in the space industry. During this time, more than 275 devices designed by our engineers have been in spaceow. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with students at the Warsaw University of Technology and facilitating young people’s careers in this unique field – mowi Sergio Reguero, director general of SENER Poland.

The agreement between Warsaw University of Technology and the SENER group covers roAlso the organization of a workshopow, meetings and events for studentsow. One of them took place immediately after the signing of the agreement and concerned work on major projects of the European Space Agency.

Wspohe cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology is part of SENER’s long-term activities. The company has participated in the internship program since its inception „Rozwoj space sector personnel”, ktory organize a jointolnie the Industrial Development Agency and the Employers’ Unionoin the Space Sector. SENER also arranges periodic meetings with students from technical universities interested in aerospace engineering.

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