Success of students from Wroclaw. LEM motorcycle unrivaled

Success of students from Wroclaw. LEM motorcycle unrivaled

LEM – The Light Electric Motorcycle is a series of unicyclesoin constructed by the Vehicle Scientific Circleoin and Robotoin the Mobile Technologies of Wroclaw University of Technology. In front of the LEM Falcon vehicle, whichory won a competition in Barcelona, students have constructed electric motorcycles designed for the uniformed services – LEM Bulle and for supplierscoin ordered take-out food – LEM Napoli.

LEM Falcon is an electric crossover motorcycle. It is powered by an 11 hp electric motor. The vehicle’s frame is made of aluminum, and the covers are made of compositeoin the carbon and carbon-aramid. The entire structure weighs just 92 kilograms. LEM Falcon can accelerate to 130 kilometersow per hour, and its range is about 70 kilometersow.

Lem Falcon at the competition that ended Sunday in Barcelonaoat the Smart Moto Challenge won first place in the static competition, where the business plan and detailedos technical vehicle and in the dynamic competition, where the motorcycle underwent performance and acceleration tests. The vehicle took part roAlso in asphalt and cross-track racing. After counting the pointsow turned out the design of the studentow from Wroclaw also won the overall classification.

A total of 12 vehicles took part in the Smart Moto Challengeow designed by the studentofrom Russia, Ukraine, Spain and Poland. The motorcycles raced at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona.

This is not the first success for Wroclaw studentsow. In 2014, LEM Napoli won the competition in Moscow. Other member projectsoin the Scientific Circle Vehicleoin and Robotoin Mobile Wroclaw University of Technology three times also took third place in international competitions.

Construction of a motorcycle constructed by studentsoin the Wroclaw university cost about 200 thousand. PLN

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