NKN FORUM debate series. The first at the Technical University of Lodz

NKN FORUM debate series. The first at the Technical University of Lodz

The series of nationwide NKN FORUM debates is a new initiative of the Minister of Science and Higher Education created with the participation of representatives of the academic community to discuss key elements and possible solutions arising from the new law on higher education and science.

First debate "University statutes vs. Law 2.0" will be held on February 18, 2019 at the Technical University of Loination with Jaroslaw Gowin, deputy prime minister, minister of science and higher education.

The topic of the debate is extremely important, as it concerns the statute – a key document that defines the manner of theob functioning of universities, ktory in light of Act 2.0 is gaining even stronger importance. With the new law now coming into force, new statutes are now being created at Polish universities.

ŁoA wild debate combined with discussions in thematic groups will address m.in. organization and management of the university, as well as its structure in the context of teaching and research management, employee affairs and promotion ofoin scientific, property and financialoin universities and process management models in light of the new law.

NKN FORUM creates a space for omoof issues of great vital importance to the academic community, first and foremost for the exchange of experiences related to the creation of new solutions required by Law 2.0. More debates are planned in the following academic centers. In a month’s time, the topic of discussion is to be doctoral schools – introduced in the new law, and so far unheard of at Polish universities.

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