Babiogory bear not sleeping and bushwhacking in the mountains

Babiogórski bear does not sleep and bushwhacks in the mountains

Winter in the Beskids is too mild to induce a bear to sleep. On Monday, under the Brona pass in the Babia Gora massif, gopher Maciej Moskwa photographed the paw print of a predator, reported Babia Gora National Park naturalist Maciej Majul.

– It was not a yeti, but our brown bear. Park employee Marcin Trybała suggests that the predator was awakened by the warmth of the. The bear now wanders and loses energy, ktowhich it will not be able to replenish. Probably in the pre-winter it gets hungry and will be forced to come out of its roost earlier to look for food when there is still little of it. So let’s be careful when hiking the trails of Krolowa BeskidoIn, because we are not alone on them – said Majul.

The animal is usually very cautious and tries to avoid humans. The brown bear is the largest predator living in Polish forests. In Poland it is under total protection.

In the area of the shelter on Markowy Szczawiny in the Babia Góra massif Gory is currently lying ok. 50 cm of snow. On poThe second level of avalanche danger is in effect on the northern slopes. It means that there is moderate avalanche danger. The snow cover is moderately bound. An avalanche can occur when a fairly significant load, such as a. by a group of skiers, on steep, avalanche-prone slopes.

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