An innovative 3D printing method developed by a UJ student will facilitate surgery

An innovative 3D printing method developed by a Jagiellonian University student will facilitate operations

Jan Witowski, a medical student at Jagiellonian University, has developed an innovative and probably cheapest method of 3D printing liver models. The Polish invention is already being written about by foreign specialized press.

Trojdimensional models of the organow are used for diagnosis and during patient operations. They significantly facilitate the doctor’s task and are increasingly used in medicine. However, they would be used much more often if not for the cost of printing them, ktory currently amounts to several thousand zlotys. But this may change thanks to Jan Witowski.

– Such models are a representation of the real thing, as the patient’s anatomy looks like, as his veins, tumor and every other structure looks like – explained in an interview with PAP Witowski. Such models are often more precise than CT scans.

– Our method is unique in the world. We use silicon in it, so we achieved a significant reduction in costow. Until now, the production of such models was a cost in the range of several thousand zlotys per model, which was mainlyownym limiting their use – Witowski said.

A medical student at the Jagiellonian University admitted that the cost of producing one model according to his technology is about 400-500 zlotys. This is a significant reduction in the costow. It may make permanent the use of such models during treatment.

The printing method developed by Witowski is suitable for use in ordinary 3D printers. Until now, specialized printers have been used, whichore as „ink” used flexible, transparent and colored resins. Witowski prints everything from plastic, each component separately, and then the assembled model is flooded with special silicone and takes the shape of a liver.

The young inventor’s solution works great. – Our solution is in no way inferior to the many times more expensive one proposed abroad – stated Witowski. Krakow’s technology is already of interest to centers from Poland and around the world. The Polish invention is also written about in the foreign specialized press.

– Such models make it much easier to plan and execute operations – said dr hab. Michal PÄ™dziwiatr, a surgeon at the University Hospital of Krakow. – It is with tremendous enthusiasm that we approach these types of models, because they really allow pre-operational clarification of someore anatomical complexities, whichore may surprise us during the operation – added.

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