After 150 years, a golden eagle has appeared in Karkonosze

After 150 years, a golden eagle appeared in the Giant Mountains

The last information about golden eagle nests in the Karkonosze Mountains still comes from the first half of the 19th century. However, as reported „Gazeta Wrocławska”, In recent weeks, there have been numerous sightings of this bird hunting black grouse in the Karkonosze National Park.

The golden eagle was once a common bird in Poland. We currently have about 30 pairs of these majestic birdsow. Most of them live in the Carpathian Mountains. The golden eagle is under strict protection.

„A natural sensation in the Giant Mountains! The golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos has been observed for about 2 weeks now. The juvenile appears in places far from the trailsoin tourist areas, where it intensively hunts black grouse. WspoAt present, observations of this species in the Karkonosze Mountains are rare” – We read on the fanpage's of the Karkonosze National Park.

The golden eagle is the largest representative of the eagleoin the Aquila genus. Its wingspan is 190-225 cm, and its body length is 80-93 cm. In Poland it is an extremely sparse breeding species. The appearance of a juvenile does not mean, however, that the bird has established itself in Karkonosze.

The Czechs are currently reintroducing the golden eagle in GoOdrzanski rach. The eagle present in Karkonosze may be one of the introduced individualsow, although representatives of the Karkonosze National Park, whichoWho saw the eagle, did not notice any markings, ring or transmitter.

– It was in the Western Giant Mountains on the border with Gorami Izerskie. The young eagle was flying very low, probably about a meter above the ground. It could not be mistaken for another bird, after all, it has a good 220 cm wingspan. I saw it for two weeks every day between the hours of. 5 a 6, when he was hunting black grouse, whichorich are also in our gorach very few – said in an interview with „Gazeta Wrocławska" Artur Palucki of the Karkonosze National Park.

Sourceosource: Gazeta Wrocławska, fot. CC BY-SA 2.0/Rocky/Wikimedia Commons

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