91.1 decibels – the average volume during a game at the Wisla stadium

91.1 decibels – the average volume during a match at the Wisla stadium

91.1 decibels dB(A) – this is the average value recorded by AGH scientists during a recent game at the largest stadium in Krakow, the Wisła stadium. The researchers want the results of the measurement to be used to start a discussion on the. volume restrictions during mass events.

– The workstation must not be louder than 85 decibels. If the players were to function at such (91.1 decibels) values for eight hours, they would have to run in stopwatches and ear protectors – told PAP on Thursday Marcin Zastawnik, whoory conducted the study together with Bartłomiej Kukulski.

The highest figure ever during a Wisla-Legia match (ktory was held on October 22) recorded by the scientists, was 108 decibels. For porownania the average value of sound intensity from traffic is 90 dB, a motorcycle without a muffler causes noise of 100 dB, while 110 dB is a running chainsaw.

The results will serve not only for scientific work. – We think the results could also be a pretext to start a discussion in Poland nt. possible noise reduction during roof mass events – Zastawnik said. As he recalled, last week artists in France, including Jean-Michel Jarre, protested the planned introduction of a concert volume cap next yearow and other things in France.

– In my opinion, such a restriction in Poland would be needed, or at least people should be made aware that a long stay at large concerts, matches, can damage our hearing – said the scientist, whoory hopes to conduct similar measurements at the National Stadium in Warsaw in the future.

October 22 for the Wisła Krak matchow and Legia came 33 thousand. fanoin Wisla Krakow (Legia fans were banned from going to the match in Krakow) – this marks a record in terms of attendance at a league match of the club, in its rebuilt stadium.

Scientists tested the loudness of cheering, using special equipment, at four points in the Wisla stadium, at ktohe match was played, and one point outside the stadium. The points were located at turf level and in the audience.

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